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Elevating Our Community

Every gift of money, time and materials makes it possible for Chippewa Valley Habitat to offer affordable housing solutions so families can be one step closer to a safe place to call home.

Your donation is not given to a person. In fact, nothing is handed to a Chippewa Valley Habitat partner family other than the tools and resources to be successful. With a 0% interest housing loan, future homeowners contribute their own “sweat equity” in the form of financial and home management education and hands-on building. This approach has a proven track record with a foreclosure rate at less than 1% annually.

Why Your Donations Matter

It’s the donors, corporate sponsors and volunteers that help Chippewa Valley Habitat serve families – not by giving them a handout, but instead a hand up.

This is why no gift is too small. Even $5 every month makes a difference. With your contributions, we put the tools in families’ hands to be successful homeowners.

We’re proud of the fact that every dollar donated goes to Chippewa Valley Habitat programs that advance our mission.

hoyt family posing together

The Impact of Sponsors

We’re grateful for the impact our corporate sponsors provide, allowing us to do more to serve our community on a larger scale that wouldn’t be possible without the depth of their generosity.

  • Financial support and resources
  • In-kind donations
    • Land, materials, skilled labor
  • Team-building events
    • Community revitalization projects
    • Rock the Block programs
    • Home construction group volunteering
  • Cross-promotion of marketing and public relations

The more you’re able to give, the greater the impact you will have on people in our community. How you choose to give is up to you. We have options that fit your preferences and comfort-level:

  • One-time donation – Right here on our website you can make a one-time contribution, or simply mail your check to 145 N Clairemont Avenue in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
  • Recurring monthly gift – A monthly commitment of any set amount allows us to rely on a stable source of revenue.
  • Legacy – Legacy gifts allow you to pay it forward to other families with charitable giving in your will or trust.
  • Memorial – You can honor a loved one by donating to Chippewa Valley Habitat in their memory.

Giving In-kind

Charitable giving doesn’t always take on the form of a gift of money or stocks. Instead, some choose to give in-kind goods and services. In-kind giving has included everything from corporations giving leftover building materials, to licensed electricians or plumbers lending their talents to a Chippewa Valley Habitat home project.

Examples of in-kind donations include:

  • Lumber, concrete, hardware and tools
  • Furniture and appliances
  • Doors and windows
  • Carpeting, roofing and siding
  • Professional services such as electrical, plumbing, HVAC, carpentry and masonry

In-kind gifts are vital to keeping the cost of home construction low. The average Habitat home built in the U.S. is 3 bedrooms and 1,200 square feet. Every home we build requires around 150 pounds of nails and 400 two-by-fours. With the cost of materials, imagine the savings when a corporate manufacturer or home improvement business donates directly to a home building project or to our ReStore.

To learn more about in-kind giving opportunities, please contact our Affiliate Manager at

Donate Your Valuable Time and Unique Talents

Without the labor of love of the 100+ volunteers serving the Chippewa Valley Habitat, we wouldn’t have been able to build over 40 homes and repair dozens of others. We have a true “village” of people who come together to make our communities stronger for all of us.

We match the skills, interests and talents of our volunteers with the opportunities to serve either in hands-on labor, administrative support, or volunteering at our ReStore location.

Consider donating your time to support families within our communities needing a decent and affordable house to call home.

young man shopping for lumber at Habitat ReStore

ReStore Donations Offer Valuable Resources

At Chippewa Valley Habitat ReStore, we accept donations of new and reusable building materials, tools, furniture, appliances, and more. Also, if you have a home or building that you’re demolishing or remodeling, our team will help with the deconstruction.

Donations and purchases directly support the Chippewa Valley Habitat mission to empower low-income families to build strength, stability and self-reliance through homeownership.

Chippewa Valley Habitat for Humanity is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Tax ID Number: 39-1668709